In 2014, the five masters Object & Jewellery of the MAD-Faculty* in Hasselt, Belgium, presented their project “MAD about Schmuck” in Munich. The title expresses both their passion for jewellery and how their profession can drive them mad. This “mad”ness in several senses connects them as a group and is the common ground for their diverse approaches to the field: Kenny Appermans’ work was about shaking up the wearer to ‘Push the Button’ and thrill the viewers curiosity. Noana Giambra encouraged the wearer to take her jewellery, pop it, click it, wear it, show it and love it. Machteld Lambeets was searching for ways to get a handhold on the awareness of human mortality. Anneleen Swillen used the empty space of ordinary packaging materials to draw attention to their intrinsic but often unnoticed qualities. An Jonckers claimed a space in the modern world for the faded glory of ornaments by investigating the nature of curves.
Instead of inviting their audience to a specific location, these five emerging jewellers brought a teaser of their graduation work to the public in a walking exhibition. They carried the jewellery in a showcase on their body to arouse the viewer’s curiosity and at the same time create a distance between the wearer, object and viewer. This presentation reflects on the showcasing of contemporary jewellery in the so-called white cube.
You can find the results of their journey through Munich and the public’s responses on
The 5 masters Object & Jewellery of the MAD-Faculty, Hasselt (BE) 2013/14:
Kenny Appermans, Noana Giambra, An Jonckers, Machteld Lambeets, Anneleen Swillen


*The department of ‘Object & Jewellery’ at the MAD-Faculty offers an artistic academic course, consisting of three bachelor years and one master year. The program revolves around experimentation and research, for which thinking and doing are in constant interaction. The ambiguous position that the field of object-making and jewellery takes within the world of the visual arts, crafts and design is seen as an inspiring starting point that is constantly questioned in order to develop a critical attitude towards our own discipline.

Vigil 1
Vigil of the Present
Time 2
Slipping Time
A Curtsy to the Ornament