Slipping Time

In the passing of time, there will always be hope for the closure of the cycle and for the resurrection of all losses. A flower blossoms into fruit and furthermore fruit turns into decay to prevail as a new generation in the next season. The glass will be polished and translucent again by the touch of the citrine tip as the face of the earth changes by the strokes of  wind and water. A new world emerges and shows what appears to be underneath all along.


Time 1

Cutting Edge, silver, glass & citrine, 2011


Time 4


Nevertheless, the continuous ceasing of every familiarity stirs up a yearning to put a hold on time. Being aware of the reality that everything that once was, will never be the same again, makes each instant of a lifetime unique -no matter how it’s been given substance.


Time 5


Decreasing Moments, cupper & glass, 2011


Time 2
Slipping Time
Vigil 1
Vigil of the Present
Capturing light 2
Capturing Light